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Our Black Belt Motto "Iron Sharpens Iron" As one person sharpens another

Our Black Belt Motto “Iron Sharpens Iron” As one person sharpens another, we believe that as Black Belts we a servant leader, one who seeks to invest himself in the lives of the students so that, and in return the community is challenged so all may grow.

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Gene Twombly

As a survivor of domestic violence, Gene has a heart for people that suffer violence-based trauma, His story about how God used martial arts to empower him to overcome his past and heal his mind, heart and soul is the very foundation that created the mission behind our non-profit. “Empower others to have the Courage to stand for themselves, the Compassion to Care for others, even those that mean them harm, and the Confidence to believe in themselves no matter what the conflict.”With over 39 years of experience in several martial arts, Gene has gained the knowledge to hold 5 separate black belt ranks, Traditional Jujitsu (5th), Traditional Judo (5th), Combat Judo (5th), Taiho-jutsu (arresting art) (1st), Jujitsu 360 (5th), and a Level 1 in Krav Maga, Krav Maga Alliance, and is a Certified Senior Instructor with the USJJF.It is this combination that qualifies Gene to navigate our leadership at Parker Self Defense as It's Head Instructor. He is also an honorably Discharged Veteran of the US Army

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Jan Miller

.Jan started training in martial arts with her sons when they were young. She loved training along side them and watching them grow in confidence. Training alone was not enough and soon she became an instructor, mentoring many students to accomplish their goals including both her sons Ryan (1st Degree Black Belt) and Josh (3rd Degree Black Belt). Her three goals in teaching martial arts are making sure the student can protect themselves, helping them gain in confidence, and teaching them how to accomplish their goals both inside and outside the studio. Jan has over 20 years’ experience in martial arts and holds a 4th Dan rank in Tae Kwon Do and a Brown Belt in Combat Hapkido.

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Chris Rodriguez

Coach “Judo Chris” Rodriguez began his studies in 2015 in judo, shortly thereafter he found a real passion for the striking element of the 360 JiuJutsu program, he currently holds a Brown Belt and with his strong desire to help others he has been a real asset to the program.

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Jeremy Morris

Current ranks Jeremy holds 3rd Dan in Jujitsu 360 Self Defense System, 3rd Dan in US Ju-Jitsu, 2nd Dan in Karate/ Taekwondo , 3rd Dan in Traditional Kodokan Judo,, 1st Dan in Taiho Jutsu, ​ At just 3 years old Sensei Jeremy began his journey into martial arts through Tae Kwon Do and Karate. Under the instruction of Sensei Bob Davis, Sensei Jeremy would spend the next 15 years fine tuning his skills and knowledge. In 2007, Sensei Jeremy discovered a new passion and has spent the last 10 years developing his judo and ju-jitsu skills, under the mentorship of Sensei W. Dieter Reitzig It was Sensei Jeremy’s expertise in the striking arts and Kobudo weapons that has made it possible for him to help develop the Jiu Jutsu 360 Complete Defense System.

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Chris Gillock

has been in some form of martial arts throughout his life. His passion for martial arts began with Chris’ father, Ronnie, who is a black belt in Okinawan Judo. Chris trained in Shotokan Karate from the age of 11 throughout high school. He continued his martial arts training in the military (Navy) taking various styles offered on his base. Chris loves to study martial arts and learning new technique. He has been with Parker Self Defense for 3 years and has a passion for teaching newer students as well as continuing to further his own knowledge of martial arts.

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Will Douglas

At an early age a short but intense physical exchange with bullies made Will Douglas realize he loved to fight. which was only further cemented by persistent bullying later in school and terrifying news about theft and home invasions. Although he briefly found martial art discipline in various karate classes and joined his high school wrestling team he began to question the effectiveness of rule restricted competition fighting in real world street fights. Eventually he dropped all ideas of fighting in wrestling rings and chose Jiu Jitsu taught at Parker self defense as his preferred practice because of its concentration on practical self-defense on the streets. He now possesses a strong drive to increase his skill set, to dabble and experiment with various moves and styles. But nonetheless stays by the book when it comes to teaching others.

W. Dieter Reitzig Retired

6th Dan in United States Ju-Jitsu, USJJF, 6th Dan in Kodokan Judo, USA-TKJ, 6th Dan in 360 Self Defense System, 1st Dan in Taiho Jutsu, USJJF, Sr. Technical Adviser Colorado and Regional USJJF, Senior 2nd Level Instructor – Examiner, Head Instructor for Judo and Ju-Jitsu Omega Martial Arts, 2000 – 2010. Head Instructor Dragon Heart Martial Arts LLC, 2011 to 2015 Retired Sensei Dieter began his studies in 1949, under Sensei Ludwig Prass, at the Duesseldorfer Judo Sportschule (Germany). It was Sensei Dieter’s technical guidance and his Jiu Jitsu knowledge in the areas of maximum efficiency and realistic defensive situations that laid the groundwork for the Ju No Kihon text book which is the very foundation of the Jiu Jitsu 360 system. ​ USJJF BIO Learn more about Ludwig Prass' history by visiting the Sportschule


We are at 15334 E Hinsdale Circle Unit 1B
 We are Inside Tackel Bunny Cross fit. 
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